Keeping Your Team Motivated during Down Time

By claire |

The end of summer is a lazy time for everyone. August in particular is thought of as a time for vacation, which makes it hard to stay motivated in the office. There are, however, some tricks that can help you get through those long days and make them some of the best and most productive you’ve ever had.

Keeping your staff’s head in the game is crucial during this period and will put you ahead of the curve when September rolls around. They always say it’s the little things in life that count, so why should this be any different? Especially in a time of recession, there are free or low-cost ways to get staff to work hard.images

  1. Offer summer incentives like Popsicles for a job well done or bring in Ice Cream on Fridays to celebrate the closing of a successful work week.
  2. Create a friendly and pleasant work environment by making a big deal about staff birthdays with a card signed by everyone on the team. This boosts company morale.
  3. Set goals and offer rewards that will motivate staff such as movie tickets or a summer Friday if your company doesn’t usually follow that policy.

It’s a tricky time for managers, but you can do it! Be the leader in this march towards motivation and the others will follow suit. A fun, enjoyable work environment is sure to please staff on even the hottest days of summer!


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