Social media for social change

By claire |

twitter-for-treesA recent article in Time magazine, focused on the way Twitter has changed the face of the communication landscape.  Though criticized at first for being superficial and lacking substance, Twitter conversation has taken a more meaningful turn lately. Believe it or not, Twitter has evolved from an outlet for those with increasingly short attention spans to a platform for social change and relevant conversation.  And this has expanded beyond business endeavors to the nonprofit, and even political, arenas.

No one is really sure why this sudden change has taken place. It could be  the American presidential election, the controversy surrounding social media in China and Iran, President Obama’s call to service or even simply the recent explosion of social media as a popular form of communication.  Whatever the reason, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Twitter is being used to promote social causes as well as popular brands. Twitter has become the newest form of Cause Related Marketing.  You don’t have to work for a nonprofit to promote a meaningful cause. Just pick a cause that fits your brand image and you can use Twitter to make a difference. Here’s how:

1.  Connect with fellow advocates from around the word.bigstockphoto_internet_network_7433611

One of the greatest gifts social media and ever-changing technology has given us is that we are able to create a  virtual “global village.” Your  audience truly is just a tweet away. Entrepreneurs, social change activists and consumers or donors from Dubai to Sydney, from Rio de Janeiro to Beijing are literally at your fingertips.  Find others who believe in the cause you are promoting and engaging in relevant conversations with them via Twitter.  You  never know just how far one tweet can take you.

2. Host a social media event.

The evolution of video technology has enabled us to engage with people across the country and around the world.  Twitcam and other Twitter-based video applications are allowing us to host meetings and events via social media.  Use these applications and resources to host conversations with contacts in different cities, states or even countries.  Take your fingers off the keyboard and bring the conversation live without ever having to leave your chair.

twitter4603. Take the conversation with you.

Use iPhone and mobile device applications to take social media with you anywhere you go.  Trick out your phone with the latest applications and your cause never leaves you.  Relevant conversations, events, products and ideas are literally in the palm of your hand and you can make major social change from your phone. What a world we live in!

The world is changing and you can either resist it or embrace it.  Be a part of the change and use the power social media to promote a busienss or a cause or anything that means a lot to you and make a difference in the world around you.


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