A Strategic Plan for your Business Trip

By claire |

biztrip1No matter how often you travel, its important to consider a few steps to ensure that your business travel goes as smoothly as possible.

Keeping in mind building an effective travel wardrobe, finding a convenient flight and hotel location is all part of a successful business trip. But this is not enough. Carefully planning the agenda for your business visit, setting up clear goals and milestones are the real “to do’s” before you take that flight.

Some key things we recommend an entrepreneur or executive traveling on a business trip are:

Creating a vision: Visualize how a successful trip would look like. This will help you have a clear vision of what are you looking to do during your business trip, and will keep you on task, on target and on time.

Doing an environmental scan to set-up clear objectives: Identifying key industry people, competitobeach_business_triprs, clients and potential ones that you might be about to meet will help you clearly pursue a priority ranking exercise to set your trip’s agenda. A well defined, priority ranked list of specific people you consider important to set a meeting with will help you clearly illustrate accomplishments and disappointments of you trip.

Action planning:  Prepare a pre-traveling report documenting action items that have to be done. In my opinion, an action plan needs to be “checkable” and has to describe who does what by when. Business trip agendas that are unfocused, overloaded, and don’t have specific outcomes stated are not meant to positively impact your trip’s goals.

Another essential step is to always remember to take notes on your meeting priority list of whom you are meeting and have to touch base with when you are back in your office. This will help you to focus your efforts on key potential leads and make progress as quickly as possible.

And finally, believe it or not, chilling out during a business trip can also help you maximize your business opportunities. Having a break from the corporate wining and dining or having some drinks will refresh your mind, body and soul. And whatever activity you pursue will give you fresh topics for small talk that can be the beginning of your next big business deal.


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