Goal-setting: How to Make the Ultimate “To Do” List

By claire |

So you’ve completed an analysis of your business and its strategy. Great! Now, it’s time to take all that knowledge and put it to todouse for your business. Get out a pad a of paper and get ready to set some new goals for your business! First, a few pointers.

1. Set good goals. A good goal:

  • challenges you
  • is realistic
  • can be measured
  • must have a deadline

Don’t forget to write it down! Written goals are concrete and easier to act upon. (Plus, writing your goals down will keep you from forgetting them!)

2. Get creative with goal setting!

Create a color-coded goals poster or collage with powerful images that really get you motivated. Tap into your inner artist by drawing pictures that relate to your goals. Write your goals list with the hand you don’t normally write with–this may open different parts of your brain. (Take this short quiz to find out if you’re right or left brained.)  Have a team brainstorm and make it fun! Throw in a few crazy goals–reach for the stars!

3. Share your goals.

If you decide timages-12o make a goals poster, display it in a place where everyone can see it. Tracking goals by measuring them (think of the fundraising thermometer.) Share your goals with other members of your team. Have your friends and family members bug you until the job gets done.  Discussing your goals with others helps you realize what needs to be done. Plus, the shared sense of accomplishment when you achieve your goal is so much better than celebrating your success alone!

4. Revisit your goals.

Check in with your goals often. Track progress. Modify your goals based on changes in your business needs or situation. This will keep your goals practical and current.

Want more goal-setting tips? Check out the Ten Commandments of Goal-Setting.


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