Evaluating your PMT…

By Perks |

“What? That was supposed be done this quarter? Ooooh”.


Sound familiar? And sometimes phrases such as this aren’t just excuses. Sometimes things do get lost in the communication. Avoiding this situation is one of the key reasons for every company to have a Project Management Tool in place. The discipline of planning, organizing and managing the company’s resources is vital to success with regards to the completion of project objectives and smashing those goals. An easy visual of these disciplines can be seen in the diagrams throughout this blog.

pmt-phases3This sort of management and coordination can be set up internally and certainly organized by project, by date or by department. Regardless of what you chose, using a tool to ensure everyone is on the same page can bring harmony to a working day – one without stresses and all-nighters, and one without that awful feeling that YOU are holding up everyone else. Here are a few elements that should be monitored within your PMT on a regular basis:  



  1. Reasonable target dates: There is no point managing a project that has no realistic chance of meeting its completion date. Talk to your team. Ask them when THEY think it might be on your desk.
  2. Names of resources available: If someone is swamped, and some one is spending too much time in the coffee room, then these things can easily be identified by your PMT.
  3. Budget, scope and time: Perhaps the three main constraints of any project, the PMT is a great way to honor the preconceived obstacles any project may run into throughout its duration.


The key to great project management is not only having the PMT at your disposal, but also using it effectively. Perhaps it could be used as a guide for the agenda of your project meeting? It can also be used as a motivational tool for your team. Closing a project via the PMT and having the ability to review if the project was completed within its constraints will have a positive effect on any meeting. And what manager doesn’t want that!


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