Goal Execution: Putting your “To Do” List into Action

By claire |

images3Making a list of amazing goals and ideas is easy. Putting those thoughts into action–not so easy. But a famous Chinese philosopher once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

So, here are a few “small steps” you can take toward reaching your goals.

Start Now

Putting off your goals won’t make them disappear.  The sooner you start reaching toward your goals, the sooner you’ll achieve them. Give your goal a deadline, this will make it seem more urgent and you’ll be more likely to start right away.

Don’t Lose Steam

One of the key traps in setting out to achieve your goals is that we often put our goals “on the back burner” when more important projects emerge. Don’t fall for this one! The best way to avoid losing traction is to keep pushing forward.  In fact,  Guerilla Marketing pioneer Jay Levinson recommends that small businesses undertake at least three to five marketing items each day. If you force yourself to stick to this rule, you should reach your marketing goals in no time! (If three to five sounds like too many, check out our blog on motivational speaker and author Lynette Lewis’ “one-one-one” strategy.)

Make it a Habit

Studies show it takes about three weeks to develop a habit, so the good news is once the first weeks are over you’re past the hard part! Building positive habits that are constructive and relevant to your goals, ensures that you’re taking steps in the right direction.

Share your Strategy

Communication is key. Whether these are personal goals or business goals, sharing your strategy with your team ehttp-_wwwtelesiscucom_images_services_cycle_invstmntservc1nsures that the job gets done. Make sure that key players and decision-makers are on board, and get your team involved as well. Harvard Business School suggests managers ask these three questions:

  • How should the strategy affect our unit?
  • What must we thus accomplish?
  • How will we accomplish it?

Once you find the answers to these questions and create your strategy for goal execution, the rest is a breeze. Check out the diagram to the right for ideas about how your overall goal execution plan should function. Note that the diagram is a circle, which means that this process should never end.  Constantly revisit and review your goals with your team to take your business strategy to new heights!


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