2009: The Six Month Checkpoint

By claire |

http-_kunthyfileswordpresscom_2008_12_ar1198955162889581June 1… 2009 is officially halfway over.  Think back to the beginning of the year. Remember all of those promises and resolutions that you made to yourself? Expand business x%…cut costs by y dollars…hang on through tough times.  Well, it’s time to check in with all of those business promises we optimistically made six months ago today.

Not hanging on to your New Years Resolutions? That’s not surprising. A recent study shows that by the end of January only 64% of people are still hanging on to New Year’s Resolutions…by now that number has fallen to 44%.

Regardless of whether you care to keep your New Year’s Resolution or not, it’s time to check in and re-evaluate your business goals. Over the next few weeks, the members of the Perks Consulting team will provide you with tips to keep your business goals in check and your bottom line out of the red. For now, here are three quick tips about how to check in with old goals and make new ones:

1. Be realistic.

Keep the number and scope of your resolutions to a minimum.  This will minimize disappointment and make your goals attainable.

2. Push through obstacles and reward yourself for small acheivements.

Every goal is met with setbacks, but by pushing yourself throught them you can accomplish things you never thought you could. And when you or your team accomplishs something important (no matter how small it may seem in the big picture) reward everyone by calling in for pizza or throwing a small office party. This will give your team incentive to keep pushing.

3. Plan, plan, plan.

This month, the name of the game is strategy.  With a detailed plan and a dedicated team in place, no goal is too big or small for your business.

Feeling refreshed and motivated to make your 2009 goals?  Check out a few sites that will help you along the way and keep your eye on the Perks Consulting blog for a few handy tricks to help you get back on track.

  • Makeuseof.com provides you with six sites that help you keep your resolutions.
  • The Sideroad gives helpful and inspirational tips to resolution-setters of all types.
  • About.com helps you keep your New Year’s Resolutions.

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