Why bother using Twitter?

By claire |

So, now you know what Twitter is and how to use it. Great!  But WHY should you use Twitter? Of all the social media platforms out there, why should Twitter be at the top of your list?

Here are three quick reasons why to use Twitter.

1. Twitter is Everywhere!twitter-international_web_traffic1

A common misconception is that social media is “an American fad” that holds no weight in the international community. Actually, the complete opposite is true. Sixty percent of Twitter web traffic comes from outside the United States. Countries like Japan, Spain, the UK and even Taiwan are large contributors to Twitter web traffic.  Twitter has become the newest way to cross international borders and create the proverbial “global village” online.

2. Everyone has Twitter!


Everyone from President Obama to Ashton Kutcher to my next door neighbor is on Twitter.  Since 140-character bite-sized Tweets are the main form of Twitter communication, no one can say that they don’t have time to Tweet. Since everyone is using Twitter, having a large number of “followers” ensures that you have a large audience. And if you can communicate your brand message in 140 characters, you’ll have a captive audience.


3.  People visit Twitter

This may sound just like Reason #2 but there is a slight difference.  Often, social media will have a huge spike in membership at its launch, but the number of hits (or unique visitors to the website) will dwindle after the novelty has worn off.  With Twitter, the exact opposite has happened. Twitter has simply exploded since it was first introduced. In fact, a recent study has shown that Twitter.com has more visitors than the websites of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal! Twitter is even giving Google a run for its money!

The long and short of it is that Twitter is a unique and emerging platform that people are using. So, don’t be afraid to jump right in and have fun on Twitter!globalprojectshelpwebscom


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