Social Media: What is it and does it work?

By claire |


Businesses that survive, and even thrive, during a recession aren’t afraid to be innovative and take risks. At a time when your consumers and clients are pinching their wallets closed even tighter, it is crucial to establish a strong brand presence and highlight what makes your business stand out.

Enter social media.


“Social media” is one of today’s hottest buzz words. But, what exactly is social media? And are people actually using it?

Social media is a cost-effective online marketing and networking tool that takes the form of several online networking outlets. (Think Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) These networks are the newest portals to reach your target audience and capture their attention using the websites that they visit most.  

By connecting with your target audience on their wavelength, not only are you given extra (and mostly free!) opportunities to reinforce your message, but you’re also showing your customers that you understand what they like and can relate to them on a more personal level.

So, does this actually work? Here are some stats that may open your eyes to the perks of social media:

Still not convinced? Well, here are three tips to help you get your feet wet with social media.

1. Create a Social Media Strategyblogwebcopypluscom1

Like any traditional marketing campaign, you want to ensure that your brand message is consistent and accurate across all social media platforms.  By making a social media roadmap, you can understand what social media outlets attract your target consumers and where your opportunities are strongest.

2. Start small and build out

Rather than opening accounts on every social media platform and not utilizing them, begin by creating accounts that make the most sense for your brand. Optimize these accounts and, once you feel comfortable handling a few social media outlets, start to expand the scope of your social media.

3. Begin conversations

The whole point of utilizing social media is to interact with you target consumer and engage customers to learn more about your brand. So, don’t be shy! Get right in there and get the conversation about your brand started! 

During tough times it’s more crucial than ever to reach out to your customers and show them how your brand outshines the competition. Stay tuned for the Perks Consulting team to take you through today’s most popular social media outlets and give you tips on how to navigate the complex world of social media. So, get innovative, get creative and have fun with social media!


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