How not to get Linked Out…

By Perks |

So in our last blog, we discussed the wonderful professional networking tool that is LinkedIn. linkedin-logoblog-2

With so many great benefits, it is easy to get a little carried away – so here are a few handy do’s and don’ts for good LinkedIn use:

1. DON’T get to invitation-happy: It’s very easy to just ask every guy, gal and their mother to “connect to me” – but unless you know the person already, or have genuinely looked at their profile and spotted something particularly relevant, it’s not a great idea to randomly spam someone. A much better approach is to send someone a “contact request”, as this is a lot more personal and proves you know who you are talking to.

 2. DO invite people you know who are not on LinkedIn to join: This builds up your network as well as helping them find connections. But remember – this is a professional networking site. Leave your personal chums to your Facebook profile and keep this to do with work.

 3. DO keep your page up to date: No matter how busy you are, if you are currently at a fabulous job but are looking to move up in the industry, then why would you not say so? If you have just graduated and have a marvelous GPA, then show it off! These details are so important with regards to recommendations and connections. However…

 4. DON’T overload your profile: It is easy to confuse quality with quantity, and pile loads of information onto your account. I’m sure the aerobics class you attended once at college was fabulous, but it’s not going to help you here, so keep it relevant.


So there you have it! My quick hints for LinkedIn. Do you have any of your own? Did I miss any? Let us know!



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