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Let’s face it: there’s so much out there on the web but we hardly ever always have the time to read in as much detail as we’d like, right ? Often, we’d also like to go back and read those special articles just that one more time…like the one where the favorite team beats its arch-rival in Game 7 of the series in a real epic! is a social bookmarking website that allows you to bookmark web pages and access them from any computer at any time- think about it as the “favorites” tab on your PC toolbar except that it’s through a website and accessible through the internet on any computer. was created in 2003 by Joshua Schachter as a casual way of sharing web pages with his friends. It has grown in leaps and bounds since, and, in December 2005, Yahoo! acquired it for an apparently huge, but undisclosed, sum of money ☺

It is defined as a “social bookmarking” website as against just a “bookmarking” one because it allows you to share your links with other people i.e. your friends, colleagues, peers and co-interest groups. You can use it for personal and/or professional purposes, to organize your research, ideas, articles and websites that are of interest to you.

Have stuff that is for your private use only? Duly mark as “not to share”!

But why should you actually use Delicious?

Firstly, it allows you to conveniently save and refer to a link for future reference through any computer.

Secondly, its extensive functionality allows for convenient cross-referencing, indexing, sharing and usage. If you were to “bookmark” or “favorite” a link in your browser in the “favorites” tab on your PC toolbar, you would likely do so only once using just one “category”.

However, as an example, let’s say you were a food enthusiast, lived in New York City and loved to explore, make personal notes, revisit and maintain a database of restaurants in the area. With all that NYC has to offer, that database could get pretty complex, especially over time!

With Delicious though, you could save a link for an Asian-Fusion restaurant called “Jade” that you visited under various descriptors (called “tags”) such as “asian fusion”, “value-for-money”, “manhattan”, “excellent desserts” and so on. You could also record a comment about the “Chicken Chilli” entrée that you liked!

Thus, in future, when in the mood for an “Asian-Fusion restaurant with excellent desserts” (but having conveniently forgotten its name!) you could easily pull this one up (as well as others with similar tags) by searching for “asian fusion + excellent desserts”. This cross-referencing and indexing tool is particularly handy.

You can sort all your bookmarks with (multiple) tags and also pull up all articles that have similar tags by others with delicious accounts: more than 3 million users and 100 million bookmarked URLs per recent data.

It will show the pages that have most recently been tagged, but you can sort the information by popularity i.e. the number of people that have bookmarked that particular page.

Although other social sites like Twitter, Digg and Blogs allow for dialogue among members, Delicious does not. You don’t vote, review or comment on others bookmarks either. All you do is save a site as a favorite.

However, Delicious does have a “most popular list.” This is on the Delicious home page itself and consists of the most recently and the most often bookmarked web pages. Stay tuned for Delicious 101 in tomorrow’s blog.

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