Gettin’ Taggy with it! (Part 2)

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Posted By: Sumontro Roy,

Usage/Technical Details

An account at Delicious is completely free and through the sign-up process you will be instructed on some pretty handy tools that are available.

Browser Add-On: The most convenient one is where you can add a little button through your web browser (e.g. Firefox, Safari) on your PC toolbar. Once done, hit that “Bookmark on Delicious” button every time you want to save a link and a new box shows up with the URL and some initial details already sorted out. And it’ll be there every time you re-visit.

Tagging Rules: no spaces between words. Thus, “asianfusion” and not “asian fusion”.

Multiple Tag searches: separated by “+”. Therefore, “asianfusion+excellentcocktails”

Navigation: the site is organized into three sections: Bookmarking, People and Tags and once you’re logged in, you get access to all your information through these sections. Also check out the What’s New section for updates and new features.


Put your favorites on the web, share them with friends and peers, and have access to your favorite pages anytime and anywhere, and don’t forget to go and check whether others have ‘delicioused’ you!

And since competition is never far behind, here’s a 2nd player in this field that you might want to check out: They offer ‘highlighting’ and ‘sticky notes’ as an improvement over the incumbent ☺

On a parting note…
The litmus test for social media and networking sites is obviously how to generate revenue…any suggestions on how Delicious can monetize their model?

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