Twitter’s “Sexiest Man Alive”

By claire |

hugh-jackman-20060825-155170Last Tuesday, Actor Hugh Jackman (of X-Men fame) announced via Twitter that he plans to donate $100,000 to an individual nonprofit organization.  Here’s the catch, he’s going to choose the organization based on how Twitter users leverage their 140-character Tweets to describe their favorite cause.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Twitter is the hottest new social networking tool, condensing everyone’s favorite Facebook feature: the Newsfeed.  Twitter users create a profile and are given only 140-characters to say what they are doing, share a website or give a shout-out to a friend or colleague.  These 140 character “tweets” force Twitter users to be succinct and just give the bare details. URL shortening sites such as have cropped up to accommodate this new shortened form of communication. An instant sensation, Twitter has been used by everyone from celebrities to your next door neighbor; from Presidents of businesses to the President of the United States (yes, Barack Obama did use Twitter during his campaign!) to communicate with friends and family or to network and share ideas. All using these bite sized tweets.

And now, Twitter is being used for philanthropic endeavors.  Twittering for a good cause? Something about it sounds appealing. And who better to kick off the new, charitable side of Twitter than an acclaimed actor with worldwide fame and People Magazine’s 2008 choice for “Sexiest Man Alive”? This just goes to show how far a few tweets can go.


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