Selling Luxury During a Downturn

By claire |

12051704650knb5tAs discussed in a previous blog, women are willing (and in some cases a little too willing) to break out the wallet for beauty during troubled times. Still having trouble keeping your beauty business afloat? Here are a few quick tips about how to keep women looking gorgeous during a recession.

    1. Give your marketing a makeover.
    Think about the Dove “Real Beauty” campaign. This is a classic example of how marketing can make a huge impact on your business. By taking a simple bar of soap and packaging it in a big idea about how we view beauty, Dove was able to leverage powerful marketing to make a huge splash in the beauty industry.
    So, how can you apply this to your beauty business? Give your brand a boost. By repackaging your services, you can find new ways to add value to existing services.  And, endless technological possibilities provide us with endless cost-effective alternatives to spread the word about your services.
    2. Differentiate your beauty business from your competitors.
    Show your clients that your business is the one to choose.  Making your business stand out from the crowd is essential when times are tight.  Research of your competition and create ways to outshine them. Keep an idea of your target customer in mind and think about what they need but aren’t getting from your competitors.
    3. Create an environment of relaxation.
    With all the stress caused by the recession, what your clients really want is to relax. Make your spa the place women go to get away from it all. Try serving beverages or snacks to your guests. Play relaxing music. Use aromatherapy or candles.  Find ways to relax your clients by appealing to their five senses. This will show that you are attentive to their needs.
    4. Give guests goodies.
    What draws people in more than anything? Free stuff!  By giving your guests trial sizes of their favorite products, you will entice them to return for more. Make personalized recommendations to get clients hooked on your products and services. If you’re tight on products try giving clients a trial service, like a free five-minute massage.
     Create a weekly special, bonus or coupon.  Giving your clients a discount will draw in new customers and providing a “tenth visit free” card will keep them coming back.
    5. Network, network, network!
    Attending networking events is the fastest way to meet new clients and also provides you with an opportunity to talk about your services in-person. Everyone loves looking pretty, so the services you provide could easily be worked into a casual conversation. 
    Reach out to clients you haven’t heard from in a while.  With today’s internet-obsessed culture, very few people are actually picking up the phone to call clients. Giving your past customers a quick call allows you the opportunity to update them on new promotions or services, and it personalizes the customer service interaction.

spa_features_mastheadThe beauty industry is a great place to be during a recession, since people turn to beauty as a form of therapy when times get rough. In fact, careers in the beauty field were listed on HRWorld’s list of Top 25 Careers to Pursue during a Recession.

So, go the extra mile to remind your clients that just because times are tough doesn’t mean they have to look it.


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