Moving Social Media into the White House

By claire |

obama-biden08smallThe Obama-Biden campaign was a clear confirmation that we as citizens hold a tremendous amount of power and, when we unite, that power creates change. Uniting an entire nation was no easy task, but the use of emerging social media in the campaign was the most effective way to connect a nation. By leveraging the power of the crowd, the Obama-Biden campaign took political awareness and civic engagement to new heights.

The Obama-Biden campaign was able to unite 5 million “friends” across 15 social media platforms, with 3 million “friends” on Facebook alone. When CNN and Facebook teamed together on Inauguration Day, the result was over 136 million page views by 3:30 PM! was an incredible, user-centric tool to put the power into the hands of its 2 million users, while attracting 8.5 million monthly visitors.  The scope and scale of the Obama-Biden campaign is unmatched and it was the power of social media that made these results possible.

Now, the successful (and soon to be historic) campaign has come to a close.  The hard work of the campaign team team has paid off and the first, and most difficult, 100 days of the new administration have come to a close.

So, how can President Obama move social media into the White House?

The first and most logical step has already been taken: YouTube. The Obama Adminstration’s use of YouTube to directly address citizens about new developments of the economic crisis harkens back to Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats during the Great Depression.  The technology may be different, but the idea is still the same.

Upgrading the White House Twitter is a great way to increase civic engagement and interest, especially among voters 18-24 who make up the largest population of uncast votes.

Perhaps the President could open an account on Delicious, a social bookmarking tool? This could be utilized to bookmark any important press about what the Obama Administration is up to, as well as press about important legislation.

WhiteHouse.Gov has done a great job updating their website and blog.  But, the sad reality is, how many people check White on a regular basis? I would say not many.  The White House website could also benefit from using social media to reach out to the largest amount of Americans in the most efficient way.

Why wouldn’t President Obama leverage the power of  his cultural presence through social media to keep American citizens informed about what’s going on the world? His personality is the hook and social media is the platform. Isn’t it time for his message to be heard, loud and clear, through all possible media to all corners of the world?


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