Does the fitness industry need to slim down on services?

By claire |

apple_weightsPeople often say that the “gym membership I never use” is one of the first things to go when they cut back the budget. But, taking a closer look at the fitness industry actually proves otherwise.  According to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association, many gym members view their membership not as an extravagance, but as a solid investment in their health. In turn, the fitness industry often continues to thrive during economic crises. Rather than cutting back membership, club members are showing up to work out more than ever in an effort to make the most of their membership. Maryalicia Johnson, a spokeswoman of the YMCA, says that the gym is a place that many people flock to seeking solace and a sense of control during difficult times. 

However, the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association cites that only 15% of Americans have a gym membership and an approximately 21% of people in the average community have memberships to local clubs. So, how can you survive these troubled times without slimming down on services?  Here are four tips to help your fitness club come out on top.

1. Buff Up your Marketing

Make sure that your marketing efforts are paying off. Amp up your marketing by trying to reach new and existing clients through a variety channels. Attend conferences and networking events, or embark upon an direct-mail marketing effort. Offer special events or promotions to draw in clients. Pick up the phone and reach out to club members you haven’t seen in for a while to give them an update. Do whatever it takes to spread the word about your fitness club and to motivate people to stop by.  

2. Get online

If you don’t have a website, now’s the time to launch one! If you do have a website, maybe it’s time to think about giving it a facelift.  Use social media to build buzz around the launch (or re-launch) of your website. Finding creative ways to utilize online marketing strategies is a key way to reach a large audience on a small budget. 

3. Add New Workouts/Services

Keep things interesting at your club by thinking outside the box.  By offering programs and classes for emerging workouts, you may end up catching the interest of new members, as well as existing clients.  Send the message that your gym is constantly looking for ways to meet its clients’ needs. 

4. Add Value to Old Workouts/Services

Along the same vein, make sure that clients (old and new) don’t forget about the wonderful services you already offer.  Find new and exciting ways to maximize these services. Invite guest instructors. Figure out how to pump up your existing classes and remind your clients why they love your gym.

Now is the time to show your club members and potential clients that, no matter how hard times may get, they always need their health.


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