Marketing for a Good Cause

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What is Cause Marketing?

 In previous Perks blogs, we have outlined strong examples of cause marketing, like the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade  and PRODUCT (RED). But what exactly is cause marketing? Cause marketing is defined as a partnership between a for-profit business and non-profit or

ganization in which a decided-upon percent of each sale of a specially branded product or service is used to benefit a social or community cause.


American Express Statue of Liberty Restoration and The Birth of Cause Marketing 

 In 1983, American Express coined the term “cause related marketing” in their campaign to restore the Statue of Liberty.  Each time an American Express card was used, or when a new member signed up, a small donation was made to the Statue of Liberty restoration project. In just three months, $1.7 million was raised for the cause and the use of American Express cards rose 27%, with the new application rate up 45%. Thus, cause marketing was born.

 Why Choose Cause Marketing?

Cause marketing has ample benefits; not only for the cause, but also for the business involved. Cause marketing:

 –Creates loyal customers and employees

According to a Cause Evolution Survey conducted by Cone, about 87% of consumers state that they would switch brands if another brand was liked to a social cause. Additionally, about 90% of employees show strong loyalty to a brand that supports a cause. 

 –Increases sales

A similar study conducted  in 2008 showed a 74% increase in the actual purchase of Brand X shampoo when they connected with a cause, with 47% of participants who chose the brand for the sole reason that a cause related message was on the bottle.

–Increases visibility and positive media coverage of a brand

By utilizing cause related marketing, your business will see an increase in positive media coverage. Partnering with a nonprofit will also increase your visibility and help your brand stand out from the competition.



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