How to Market for a Good Cause

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cause1Clearly, partnering with a cause in any way (from in-kind sponsorship to cause marketing) is a win-win for all involved So, how do you implement this up-and-coming marketing model?  Here are a few tips about how you can market for a good cause.

1 Choose a Cause that is Relevant and Meaningful to your Business

Avon’s  choice to promote female health and combat breast cancer was an obvious one.  In choosing a cause that directly affects their target demographic, Avon was able to motivate and mobilize their consumers to buy products associated with an issue close to thei

r hearts.


2. Develop a detailed plan with measurable goals

The (RED) (link to (RED) blog) business model, mission, and core values were developed with a clear set of goals and evaluation tactics in mind.  By creating a solid business model with quantifiable and repeatable metrics for success, PRODUCT (RED) has been able to report results to further their credibility and support for their cause.


3. Integrate your Cause Marketing Efforts with Other Business Efforts

HIV/AIDS in Africa is the core of the PRODUCT (RED) business model.  Every action they undertake is for the sole purpose of promoting their cause.  While your business doesn’t have to go to these lengths, integrating your cause in other areas of business is a great way to spread the word about your brand and its socially responsible behavior.


4. Vary your involvement. Put your cause in a variety of places

Avon has not only created a line of Pink Ribbon branded products, but has also hosted events, opened a registry tribute, and even established a Breast Cancer Center at a leading hospital.  In placing their message in a variety of places, Avon has increased the visibility of their cause and brand, further establishing credibility and motivating future purchases. 


5. Be grateful to those involved.

Everyone who is involved in your cause marketing campaign truly believes in the good work that you are carrying out. Be grateful for their support since it takes a lot of effort to bring a great cause to life.


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