Get the Most out of your Meetings

By Perks |

Developing ground rules will help you to conduct an effective meeting in less time, and, often, with less stress. Planning an agenda and the point of the meeting is where you should start: Give or get information, make a decision, solve problems, brainstorm, assign tasks,train…This will help you avoid going off on tangents or grind down over a single point.

It is essentially important that you come thoroughly prepared to each meeting. Bring copies of your agenda to the meeting will help you to plan the meeting, stay on plan and keep your employees focused.

Make sure you define four key roles and responsibilities in the meeting:

Leader, Note Taker, Timekeeper and Facilitator or Process Leader

I consider a “process leader” highly recommended; this person would keep the discussion moving, diffuse conflict and encourage participation. Is not recommended to discuss around a topic for more than one hour, carry it over to the next meeting.

Ideas flow are very important, so we advice high-ranking people to “ignore” their status during the meeting, so you don’t stop people from contributing. You can be the leader, but don’t forget to encourage everybody to express and discuss ideas, then write these down, and evaluate them as a group.

Some conflict is good in meetings; criticism is good, when it’s aimed at ideas and problems with them, not at people.

Schedule your meetings at the same time every week. With a staff that needs a lot of training on product, client knowledge, research, and sales techniques, you might need a many as two or three brief (twenty minutes) early morning meetings a week.  With an experienced staff, one information meeting a week and one training meeting every other week might suffice.   

Remember, is very important that that you constantly communicate to your team using your EI (Emotional Intelligence), that you trust them to keep their tires on the road. Help them visualize clear goals and keep them motivated. You’ll see how they become stronger and increase positive results for your company at the same time.

Also, never forget to summarize meeting outcomes and specify clear next steps. 


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