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This week, the Perks Consulting team headed over to the Marriott Marquis hotel for the ECA/OBOW New York convention – a bi-annual meet-up for all the fitness gurus, well-being fanatics and health specialists. With as many as sixty presenters workshopping and hosting classes, the four day event was buzzing to be sure.

So what were we doing there? Well, Perks Consulting had teamed up with ECA to plan, create and execute a social media campaign. Using the ever-emerging social media network Twitter, Perks/ECA showed their 2000 attendees the power of social media. With six Perks Consulting girls, buzzing around in Twitter/ECA t-shirts, we spread the knowledge about Twitter and encouraged attendees to sign up and follow their hosts. With 330 followers (and counting!) gained within the month long campaign, ECA’s popularity has grown faster than the average Tweeter by a staggering percentage. Using the site as a platform for discussion, and a meet-up point for experts of the industry, ECA was able to converse with clients, potential customers and the presenters themselves, and also facilitated the immediate and direct communication between clients and presenters.

So who is using Twitter and what exactly is it? Well, think Facebook – but smaller in effort and bigger in status and benefit. A micro-blogging site that allows you to write up to 160 characters at a time to inform the world (or your followers at least) what you’re doing, what you’re thinking and ask them about them.

In the words of Tom Giles from Business Week: “Twitter has popularized the concept of micro-blogging, the use of cell phones, instant messages, and e-mail to post streams of short blog posts.” That fact that this topic has even made it to Business Week speaks volumes. Furthermore, it was the featured article in a recent New York Magazine edition, with an interview from the founder. These high profile sources are talking about Twitter – and if they are, we all should be.

Companies such as Zappos, and Whole Foods are excellent examples of how large brands have realized the advantages of Twitter – a free facility that encourages the ease and fluidity of conversation. As a still emerging social networking tool, the companies using Twitter could perhaps be described as ‘innovative’ – and certainly depicted as ‘leading’. ECA, through the guidance of Perks Consulting, can therefore boast these claims. All in all a jolly successful weekend, conference and Twitter/ECA debut. We can’t wait for Miami!

For all your Twitter questions, check out this video:

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