Target Audience: Women (No Jimmy Choo, Martinis, or Pink Allowed!)

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Posted By: Sumontro Roy,

This Monday morning, while discussing our weekend activities over steaming lattes, my colleague and buddy, Sumontro, mentioned that he had attended a wedding that weekend : “you know, the sort that you see in the movies…the quintessential trophy wife having her dream wedding, replete with her knight in shining armor”.

Cut to: a few blank – but thoughtful – moments.
Followed by: us immediately thinking about the stereotypical female profile, and the different ways the “female stereotype” is used in marketing to women. Especially relevant to us at Perks Consulting too, since many of our clients sell women-targeted products and services :)
Later in the week, Sumontro and I again found ourselves talking about “female stereotypes” and their typical uses in marketing campaigns. We came up with a quick list of  “female stereotypes” and related images that are generally used when targeting female audiences.
Some of them are:
Shoes and Shopping, Girls Night Out, Cosmopolitans and Martinis, and the Home-maker
As Brand and Marketing people, I’m sure we all agree that the frequent use of these “stereotypes” has a lot of benefits – they certainly represent a great number of roles that women continue to successfully and creditably play in our modern societies and, therefore, identify with. Marketers and brand strategists have successfully used (and continue to use) them to trigger high levels of target-customer associations and to motivate purchasing behavior.  However, does this also tend to limit us to thinking of women being limited to these typical roles ? Are these the only roles that women fill ? Or identify with? Or aspire to?
So, Sumontro and I decided to challenge ourselves to think outside of these stereotypes and come up with new attributes upon which to build marketing campaigns to women. Here are a few immediate and intuitive ones:
  • Community and environments outside the self and home e.g. female doctors in developing parts of the world.
  • Women in professional sports
  • Leadership and the role of women in the corporate world
In modern society, women encompass ever changing roles… don’t you think it’s time to change the way we relate to them as well? What ideas can you come up with outside of the typical five? And, importantly, how can these be used in marketing campaigns?
Oh and BTW, let’s add another to the “typical” list : the color Pink!
We’ll follow up next week,
Cheers !
Posted by Sumontro and Claire.
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