Timberland’s “Earthkeeper’s Collection”

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Posted By: Sumontro Roy, strategy@perksconsulting.com

Timberland recently launched their Spring 2009 Collection under the
environmentally-friendly title “Earthkeepers Collection”. The TV commercial theme
urges that you “be nice to nature” or “it might just get you back!” It
really is quite funny.

There is a strong and dominant theme about the company using environmentally
conscious, recyclable and renewable resources across its entire range of
operations – and not just being environmentally conscious in one or some
aspects of its operations while ruthlessly beating up the planet across all

Going through the company’s website, the “Climate Impact” section tells you
pragmatically that “…we better make sure the trail is there to hike,
the mountain to climb, the river to traverse, the landscape to inspire…”

The company also clearly mentions all that it is currently doing, and aims
to do, in order to continually reduce – and by 2010 eliminate – its carbon

Check out the “Nutritional Label” which seems quite a clear current snapshot. I like the way it says, “your trash is our shoebox”! All shoeboxes are made from 100% recycled material.

The product features of the Earthkeepers Collection has similar detailed
such as “15% recycled rubber in the durable, low-profile

Red Flag?

Timberland’s Green Index is a measure of the environmental impact of its
products in order to provide consumers with visibility into the footprint
that the company’s business creates.

However, would you rather they had the same thing certified by an outside
accredited agency? Is a homegrown internal index credible enough ?

From the “Green Positioning and Marketing” perspective: Timberland appears
to be on the right track – it is integrating being an environmentally
conscious company within its very DNA and is seeking to eliminate its carbon
footprint across all aspects of its existence.

Through this holistic approach toward its operations, Timberland seems
credibly supported in (claiming) the green element/part of its brand
positioning, and particularly in that of the Earthkeepers Collection.

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