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Last night, the Perks Consulting team had the pleasure of attending a panel discussion entitled “Women Entrepreneurs–Learn to Monetize Your Passion!” sponsored by 85 Broads and the Harvard Business School. The discussion was held at the Withers Bergman LLC headquarters on Park Avenue. The discussion, led by Professor Linda Hill, was thought-provoking yet light-hearted and truly upheld the core values of the Harvard Business School “Inspire. Engage. Enable.”


While the packed venue alone was inspiring enough, the sensational cast of speakers certainly captured the imagination of all who attended. The speakers and topics were:

Lauren Marrus, President of Dempsey &Carroll: “Start Up From Scratch”
Nancy Pedot, former CEO of Gymboree: “Taking Over a Business”
Stephanie Hanbury-Brown, Managing Director of Golden Seeds: “Starting a Business Within a Large Company”
Carolee Friedlander, Founder of Carolee Designs: “Selling It”

Each of the panelists had her own unique perspective on entrepreneurship, using her life and careeer as springboards to enlighten and inspire the audience.


After each speaker finished telling her amazing story, the floor was open for questions and comments. The audience members certainly had a lot of questions to ask about the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, and of life. From asking about how to feel big inside to the specifics of a panel member’s company mission statement, the audience engaged in a relevant and meaningful discussion that truly empowered all in attendance.


By providing eager audience members with resources and events like “Women Entrepreneurs–Learn to Monetize Your Passion!”, both the Harvard Business School and 85 Broads are enabling professional women of all backgrounds to thrive despite the hurdles and barriers they may encounter.


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