Loving the Shoes You’re In

By claire |

Last evening on the glittering eighth floor of Sak’s Fifth Avenue, motivational speaker and author Lynette Lewis spoke to a captivated group of women about loving the shoes we’re in. Using her book, Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos, as a springboard, Ms. Lewis outlined motivational and inspirational techniques by tying them into this spring’s hottest trends in footwear.

The first shoe in line was a stylish platform by Salvatore Ferragmo, the father of the stiletto. The comeback of platforms embodied Ms. Lewis’ discussion on the importance of building a personal platform. Creating a personal brand boils down to each of us asking ourselves why we’ve chosen the field or career that we have. What are your core values? What is your purpose? Defining your purpose and following through on your personal mission statement, in both your professional and personal life, leads to enlightment, happiness. and success.

A pair of sexy hot pink Christian Louboutin pumps was next in line as Ms. Lewis’ spoke about being an innovator. She explained that being an innovator takes both courage and confidence. Taking risks, even when it’s not advantageous to do so, is part of the climb to the top.

The epitome of risky behavior, Salvatore Ferragamo’s black and white patent leather pumps, were the third shoe on display. Here, Ms. Lewis connected what she calls her “one-one-one” strategy. She says if you take one step once a week toward one of your dreams, you can accomplish anything. One step once a week is manageable enough for the busiest of women, yet it’s still a sure path to results.

The final concept of Ms. Lewis’ speech tied into the growing trend of embellishments on shoes, as seen in this pair of Rene Caovilla bejeweled pumps. Embellishments are all about, as Ms. Lewis put it, “loving the season you’re in so you can enjoy the gifts.” Thinking about the here-and-now instead of worrying about the past or future is the surest way to enjoy all of the personal and professional rewards life has to offer.

After sharing a quick word with Ms. Lewis following her presentation, I learned that the Southern speaker also has a social networking site, the Lynette Lewis Community, where women can join together to share successes and setbacks through blogs and chats. Ms. Lewis’ presentation was inspiring, yet light-hearted and certainly taught me how to love the shoes I’m in… even if they’re not from Sak’s.

Images Provided by Sak’s Fifth Avenue.


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