Green Marketing – A quick introduction

By perksconsulting |

Okay, so unless you’ve lived on Mars for the past decade or so, you couldn’t have escaped this whole beast of “Global Environment Destruction” that is threatening to end our planet and our lives!

Recyclable material, waste re-usage, energy conservation, alternative fuels, nuclear energy for everyday use, climate changes, global warming – these are just some of the terms that we’re all used to hearing on an everyday basis !
Further, from the point of view of businesses and marketers of products and services, we’re also confronted with the business aspect of global climate change i.e. Green Marketing, also referred to as Ecological Marketing or Environment Marketing.
But what exactly is “Green Marketing”? And, specifically, how does it translate into governments, companies and consumers acting together to reduce our global footprint so that we might preserve our planet better and pass on a better world to our future generations?

The American Marketing Association defines “Green Marketing” as the “marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe.“

Thus, Green Marketing incorporates a broad range of activities, and, to use a simple ideal model, begins at the procurement of raw materials stage and carries through to the very end of the business cycle, say, the customer service stage.

However, defining Green Marketing is not an easy task since there are a plethora of meanings, interpretations and contradictions – and each made further ambiguous by personal motives of interested stakeholders!

The objective of this blog is to develop an objective and realistic view of what Green Marketing is, what it should be, what it shouldn’t and, going forward, what it should evolve into – I look forward to hearing your thoughts & suggestions as we go forward…

As a parting line, here’s an article about how the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York is setting a great example with it’s Hybrid Buses…now come on, be honest, you didn’t expect us New Yorkers to be the most environmentally conscious folks around did you?!


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