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Everyone has held high expectations for the administration of President Barack Obama and the changes coming in the next four years. We’ve heard about the new appointments he’s made and the roles they will play. We’ve heard about the ways his new administration will affect foreign policy, the economy, and small business. But there’s one key member of every new administration that often is overlooked, a member who is often called “the power behind the throne.” And that is the First Lady.

Hailing from a hard-working family on Chicago’s South Side, First Lady Michelle Obama attended public schools and went on to graduate from Princeton and, like her husband, Harvard Law. And, also like her husband, Mrs. Obama has some big changes planned for America.

The woman who calls herself “mom-in-chief” has already taken her first few steps as First Lady with grace and confidence that indicates she was born to play this role. Mrs. Obama has aligned herself with key political players. She has made visits to the Department of Education and the local community of Washington, D.C., making it clear where her priorities lie. While addressing a packed auditorium at the Department of Education, she stated, “The children of this country are counting on all of us.”

Mrs. Obama also looked on with pride as President Obama signed his first bill, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act), a piece of legislation that was a huge step for gender equality in the workplace.

Being First Lady is so much more than a photo-opportunity–it’s more than being the arm candy of a world leader. Being First Lady is a legacy that each woman who has proudly held the title has leveraged in her own unique way to bring awareness to causes and promote social welfare and well-being.

While some chose to be more actively involved in the decision-making processes than others, each First Lady has had to juggle being the support system for a powerful man, a crusader for social change, a professional woman, and a mother. And Michelle Obama has proven that she is more than capable of handling the juggling act with ease.

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