85 Broads and “The Power of the Story”

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This morning, the Perks team started our day with a little bit of coffee and a lot of inspiration at the 85 Broads Power Breakfast. Held at A.J. Maxwell’s, the breakfast featured networking with the wonderful women of 85 Broads, as well as two very powerful speeches given by influential 85 Broads members Alison Levine and Kristin Fox.

First to the podium was Alison Levine. A seasoned mountaineer and founder of Daredevil Strategies, Alison came a few hundred feet shy of the summit of Mount Everest. She has also scaled the peaks of six major continents and has attended expeditions across both the North and South Poles.  Alison used her adventures to share the lessons she learned, and how they apply in today’s rocky business terrain. Spinning tales of teamwork, leadership, and knowing when to cut your losses, Alison held the audience captive with her amazing stories and sharp wit.

Following Ms. Levine was Kristin M. Fox, a fabulous business professional, Director and Founder of 100 Women in Hedge Funds and former Executive Editor of Hedgeworld. Kristin told the audience of her adventures navigating Wall Street and the fascinating world of finance. Raised by what she called the “hedge fund wolves,” Kristin shared stories about the importance of staying true to yourself and of understanding when to play it safe and when to take risks.  The tales of Kristin’s life were shining examples of the “Power of the Story.”

From the perilous peaks of Everest to shining streets of Manhattan and back in time to make it to the office–what a way to start the morning!

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